Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your love but that doesn’t mean you can’t also promote your business. The first gifting holiday after winter holidays is a great opportunity for business owners to attract new customers and build their brand.

In this blog post, we give you 3 marketing tactics to bring your online stores’ sales to the next level this Valentine’s Day.

Use abandoned shopping carts to keep your customers engaged

Consumers who have abandoned their shopping carts show a strong intent to purchase. The problem is that something got in the way of them completing the process. With abandonment cart emails you can re-engage customers after they have decided not to buy, and ultimately convince them to pick up where they left off and make a purchase.

Since recovering abandonment purchases is a two fold-approach, it also addresses pain points within the shopping experience (such as unexpected costs, a long checkout process, etc). A poor website experience adds friction to the shopping journey and undermines trust in your brand, making shoppers inclined to go elsewhere.


“FOMO” stands for the fear of missing out on something. Customers prioritize when there is an illusion of expiration. A common FOMO marketing tactic is to set deadlines and expiring offers to create a sense of urgency.

Show a countdown timer for temporary offers

If your visitors think they are running out of time, they are more likely to reach for their virtual wallets and make a purchase. If they wait too long, they will miss out – and who knows when the next good offer will present itself.

Create special offers with a deadline

Limited-time sales are a great way to get rid of excess inventory, reducing storage costs and increasing revenue. At the same time, you can use this tactic to get people subscribe to your mailing list so as not to miss out on other great offers.

Returns are important

A return is not the end of a retailer’s relationship with a customer. Get the returns process right, and you have a great customer experience that leads to more sales. The return experience is crucial and determines whether 76% of new customers buy from your brand a second time.

Need help?

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Who doesn’t love a holiday driven by gifting!