Work in retail? Want to drive up sales at your online store? The trick is to get people to visit your website and then ensure they don’t leave until they buy something. In the marketing world that’s known as conversion.

As a retailer you want to increase your conversion rate.

So how do you get more visitors to buy something in your online store? In this post, we examine three conversion tools with a proven track record.


A/B testing entails testing different versions of a webpage. That tells you which version generates most sales.

An example. On a product page you show some visitors a large photo with a button. Other visitors see a photo, a button and a few product details. Turns out the version without product details makes more money.

Need software for A/B testing? See Google Analytics or Optimizely.


Feedback from visitors to your online store is worth its weight in gold. It’s a great way to identify any obstacles that could impact sales, such as long load times and broken buttons. Removing those obstacles clears the way to more sales.

UsabillaHotjar and Mopinion are all convenient feedback programs.

Shopping cart emails​

It’s not unusual for online shoppers to leave without completing their purchase. They add products to their cart but then they get distracted or they realize they don’t have the time to complete the process.

By sending them an email with a link to their cart, you give them a second chance to buy and yourself a second chance to sell. And it works. Studies show that these emails lead to a sale in 30 percent of cases. That’s almost one in three.

See your conversion shoot up

Questions about conversion in retail? Or are you looking for a conversion specialist to help drive up your sales? Call in BATMAN.