We can all agree: in a good marketing strategy digital communication and customer relations are essential. But what is even more important is to fuel them with a personal undertone. Only then will you achieve success with your brand both offline and online.

Creating brand awareness​

Everyone is pleading for online attention. Therefore you must be able to distinguish yourself. Do this through branding and communication. To increase your customer base, you need to address your prospects correctly. But also know the difference between Viewers (social media scrollers) and Buyers (search engine scrollers and actively looking for something). Viewers can become future buyers.

In addition, there is also the difference between Branding vs. ActivationBranding means that you are going to expose your brand to the general public through social media and advertising. Once your potential customers have visited your website or liked your social media page, you move on to Activation. This means that you persuade the people who already know your brand or have visited your webshop, to buy.

Some tips to put your company in the spotlight online:

  • Use social media and advertising. Just having a website and/or webshop is no longer enough.
  • Being dependent on one social media channel makes you vulnerable. Use a good mix of platforms. Look at which platform your target group is active on and where you can build a one-on-one relationship with your customer.
  • Focus on the local area if you want to advertise or attract new customers via social media. This way, and within a limited budget, you can easier reach your target group. Start small, you can still grow.

Building and strengthening customer relationships​

After you have built up online exposure, you want to create a bond with your target group. Good customer communication is essential. Therefore, use content marketing to further build up your brand, gain trust and strengthen customer relations. Here are some tips for profitable customer communication:

  • Reuse content, but adapt it to the correct platform. Speak the language your audience speaks.
  • Post regularly. As a medium-sized enterprise, you can post daily. Are you a small business? Posting twice a week is a good start.
  • Be sure to be ahead of the game with ‘content’. Chime in with what’s going on in the news, FAQ’s, which National Day are we celebrating today etc.
  • Be interactive with your followers and clients. Involve them in the brand.
    Inspire visitors with your content. Ask yourself what the needs of your target group are and which extra value you can add to their lives. Become the reference for your customers in your niche.

Make your mark as a company online and attract customers.​

Are you already on social media, but are the likes and comments coming in slowly? Would you like to know how you can reach your target group? Then pull at our superheroes’ cape and they will gladly help you out!