In recent years, cybercriminals have unfortunately been on the rise. One of the primary tactics used by them is phishing, whereby they assume a false identity to obtain sensitive information like login and bank credentials… To reduce the risk of hacking and better protect your business, we offer some helpful tips.
In 2023, mobile commerce sales will dominate the market, making it essential for businesses to cater to mobile consumers. Ignoring the latest mobile commerce trends could put you at a serious disadvantage. In this article, we’ll explore three critical mobile commerce trends to help you stay ahead of the competition.
For those of us in the digital marketing profession, behavioral science is the science of predicting the future. Understanding how people have behaved in the past will help us understand how people will behave in the future.
Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your love but that doesn’t mean you can’t also promote your business. The first gifting holiday after winter holidays is a great opportunity for business owners to attract new customers and build their brand.
A data-driven content strategy is more than just looking at your Google Analytics account. It’s looking at different data sources where you are going to pull data from and then combine to come up with new insights.
Migrating your website can be tricky, but with sufficient planning and constant monitoring, it is possible to migrate successfully and with a minimal chance of things going wrong. Site migrations can involve a wide range of changes to the set-up of a website.
It’s clear as day that trust is important in your personal relationships. But it also matters in the business world. Read here how to apply this in your own company.
It’s never too early to start dreaming up holiday marketing ideas. Among the holiday months, November to December records the highest sales. Let this motivate you to think of Christmas marketing ideas. We’ve rounded up 4 ideas you could use to spice up your holiday marketing.
TikTok vs Instagram? Which one’s a better fit for your next influencer marketing campaign? Let’s go over the different aspects of it.
As a website owner you would want to know and measure how users experience interaction with web pages. Google’s Core Web Vitals are just the metrics for that. Since 2021 these Core Web Vitals are used as ranking factor, hence part of the Google algorithm. In other words, these metrics will help define how pages will appear in search results.
Customer satisfaction is a challenge for many web shops. After all, customers have certain expectations. Do you want a higher conversion? You can apply these customer journey tips immediately.
You are ready to start selling online and don’t know where to begin? It’s no secret that you need an eyecatcher of a website and a solid e-commerce platform.
Google is the world’s go-to search engine. Want to reach more (potential) customers and climb towards the top of the Google rankings? Share relevant knowhow on your website and pack your blog with tricks and tips. That’s how to convince Google – and your readers – of your expertise.
Want prospects to buy and customers to return? Then commit to UX design. From fast load times to clear hyperlinks, these four tips will get you started.
Do you want to turn webshop visitors into customers? Then use the right conversion tools such as A/B testing, feedback and abandoned cart emails.
It is unthinkable to be absent online as a business, especially in 2021. How do you highlight your products and/or services online? How do you build strong customer relationships? You'll find out here.
Avoid customers dropping out at checkout and make sure they return to your webshop. From a single checkout page to coupons: optimize your payment process with these four golden tips.