It’s never too early to start dreaming up holiday marketing ideas. Among the holiday months, November to December records the highest sales. Let this motivate you to think of Christmas marketing ideas. We’ve rounded up 4 ideas you could use to spice up your holiday marketing.

1. Offer holiday discounts

The trick is finding the sweet spot. Discounting your whole store is simple, but you might end up losing more than you gain if you give too much away. Instead, discount your superstars and promote add-on products that aren’t discounted to accompany them.

2. Leverage the power of a flash sale.

Use Stories on social media for promotion. Consider flash sales as an alternative to a full-season discount, or as an added incentive to help customers buy local in store or online.

Flash sale explained: A flash sale is a discount or promotion offered for a limited period of time. It allows merchants to sell a vast number of products at a large discount.

Promote your daily deals ahead of time, and consider themes to make coming back more than once an attractive prospect.

3. Create bundled gift bags to sell

Increase impulse buys at check-out with easy bundled gifts on display. Entice them by tailoring the different gifts to different groups and labeling them: stocking stuffers for the foodie, gifts for pet lovers and the like.

For maximum impact, bundle one or two top-selling products with stock that’s out of season or slow-moving. The top products will entice shoppers, and you’ll move inventory that otherwise isn’t selling.

4. Make your store photo-worthy

Use your window dressing skills to make your store stand out. Visitors who stop for a picture and post online will be advertising for you for free!

In the spirit of Christmas, everybody gets a gift.

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