A good user experience is crucial for retaining visitors and increasing conversions. It's about understanding the user and creating an intuitive and enjoyable experience while navigating your website. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We will start with a UX audit, but what exactly is it? A UX audit is a process that evaluates your website to determine how well it performs in terms of user experience (UX).



The aim is to understand areas for improvement and potential barriers so that these can be addressed to optimise the UX. A UX audit is necessary to understand where users experience problems navigating the website, how their behaviour and needs evolve and to improve business performance. Conducting a UX audit provides direct benefits such as higher retention, higher customer lifetime value and higher conversion rates.

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If the website is not simple or user-friendly, the visitor may drop out and leave your website. It is therefore important to make the visitor's path as simple as possible. User experience also affects Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If the user experience is good, a visitor will stay longer on the website, which can lead to a higher SEO score.

A UX audit does not immediately solve all problems, but provides insight into the areas for improvement of a website, with the aim of improving the experience for the end user.