Google is the world’s go-to search engine. Want to reach more (potential) customers and climb towards the top of the Google rankings? Share relevant knowhow on your website and pack your blog with tricks and tips. That’s how to convince Google – and your readers – of your expertise.

More authority? Focus on your website content​

Easy for you to say, you might think. How do you know what knowhow is relevant? Simple: listen to your customer and focus on the questions that they keep asking. Or check keyword tools like AnswerThePublic or QuestionDB. Enter your keyword to generate dozens of relevant consumer questions. You immediately know what content your potential customer is looking for.

Answer popular questions on a landing page or in a blog post:

Backlinks: Google’s trove of gold​

Is your website teeming with stellar content? That will attract the attention of other companies and organizations that work in the same field. And it’s likely they will add a link on their website to one of your pages. Take a bow, because this is the cold, hard proof Google needs that you are an authority.

Can backlines be manipulated? Yes and no. Meaning: You can buy them, but we strongly advise against doing that. It costs money, it doesn’t work and above all: it’s one of Google’s deadly sins. If Google finds out it will throw the book at you.

Better idea: Build your network. Find businesses and organizations with the same target audience and insert links to each other’s website. Or share your expertise in a guest blog. That’s how to build a reputation as an expert in your field.

Questions about SEO and content?

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