TikTok vs Instagram? Which one’s a better fit for your next influencer marketing campaign? Let’s go over the different aspects of it.

The ultimate beginners’ guide

TikTok application is THE place for video content. Started as a lip-sync app based on viral sounds & music, today it offers a lot of built-in video editing tools, effects and filters. It is also a place where knowledge can be shown and shared. Instagram is a social platform that is known for its communities (creating + maintaining) and interactions. Instagram was launched as a simple photo sharing app. Right now it has evolved into a huge social platform including videos and e-shopping.

Both apps differ in the way that their audience want to receive content. TikTok explores more the different levels of the human personality. People aren’t afraid to be themselves on TikTok. Subcultures are being highlighted, people are embracing people – the platform is very inclusive. Instagram is all about highlights and the positivity in your day. It is more directed on the visual aspect and on community building. Engagement is key!

Influencers do a great job

Influencer marketing is all about having profiles and choosing the right one. Challenging? Absolutely. As a brand you need to know which influencer can have an impact on a specific target audience and fits your campaign: one can create brand awareness, another is good for conversion. Understanding who your audience are is crucial for success.

Collaboration with certain people for a certain time works best if you want to gain trust of your followers. Trust is important, as well as long term relationships are, especially when affiliate marketing is used. People on TikTok don’t like advertising. Make it look authentic, honest and relevant. TikTok is not necessarily about dancing. It all depends on being ‘satisfying’. Something the audience wants to see throughout the day. Instagram is heading in the same direction with its reels (short videos). There is something for everyone, so be creative. Don’ be afraid to test new things.

Final thoughts

When looking at comparing TikTok and Instagram, at the end of the day, we know that both of them are here to stay, and both of them offer opportunities for your brand’s marketing strategies. It all depends on what you want to achieve with your brand, where your target audience is more active on and where your brand can benefit more.

  • Collabing with TikTok creators can connect you with new and highly engaged audiences. If you are looking to market your product to a younger demographic.
  • Collabing with Instagram influencers: more creative options than videos and can help you tap into big, small and very niche communities. If you want to go for more traditional social media marketing.

Good luck!