Satisfied customers are a joy for every company. Certainly if they keep returning to your webshop. But let’s start with the fact that there is no success formula that works for every company. However, there are some steps you can take to satisfy your customers and to ensure that they return.

How do you attract customers?

What makes customers interested in your products and inclined to buy? Here are some of the most important issues for customers:

  • specific product information
  • clear delivery terms
  • a wide range of products and stock
  • transparent shipping costs

In other words, customers want to have enough information and selection to choose the right product. They also want to know when it will be delivered and what shipping costs are. It is best to focus on clear product descriptionsa user-friendly website and clear information about delivery.

Do you see in your statistics that customers are (quickly) dropping out? This could be the result of misleading information about products, high shipping costs, a confusing website or a difficult check-out.

How do you keep customers happy after the sale?

The customer has made a purchase and is satisfied. But you must also ensure that the customer remains satisfied. What do customers value most after their purchase?

  • delivery within the promised time
  • free and secure returns
  • clear communication after an order
  • a helpful customer service

And what about discounts and personalisation? Every customer likes to receive a surprise, a personal thank-you and nice packaging. But the customer can only really enjoy this if his order is delivered properly. That is why you must always ensure that the base is right. The rest is extra.

To sum up…

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just remember these points:

  • Start with the basics and be transparent. Give the customer enough information that answers all their questions. This will ensure that they enjoy and trust buying from your web shop. Don’t forget to send a confirmation e-mail after the order with a delivery time and a well received payment.
  • Give excellent customer service. Something can always go wrong with an order. Lack of help with questions and problems is the biggest source of customer dissatisfaction.
  • Create an organized website. For a satisfied customer, an easy order flow, followed by a clear structure in which users can easily search and filter, is a priority. Also provide clear information on all products.

Do you want more returning customers?

Every webshop is unique with a different approach. Do you want to know how your webshop is performing? Or do you not know where to start? BATMAN can help you. Contact our superheroes and we will make sure that both your customers and you are satisfied when visiting your webshop.