4 ways to optimize the checkout process of your website

Your customer has added products or services to his shoppingcart. A confirmation that the UX design of your website is on point ! Now you want the customer to complete his purchase.

How do you take care of that? With these 4 tips you make the payment process as pleasant as possible for the customer.

#1 Avoid mandatory registration​

Nobody wants anything forced upon them. Neither do your customers. If they want to go to the checkout, don’t force them to create an account. Give them the option to complete their purchase as a guest. Otherwise, they’ll cut off the process faster. This because of fear about their privacy.


#2 Single vs. Multi checkout page​

You can opt for a single or multi checkout page. With the single page, you create less steps and fewer clicks for the customer until he reaches the actual payment. A disadvantage is that the page can become very long.

With a multi page, the customer goes through the payment process via several pages. This allows the customer to think thoroughly about his purchase and to correctly fill in all the information. Don’t forget to show the progress (f.ex step 1/4) of the checkout at the top of the page. This way the customer knows which steps he has already taken in the payment process.

It has been proven: the easier it is for the customer, the higher the chance he will actually buy.


#3 Extra benefits​

When the customer completed his order, you can thank him by giving something extra, such as a discount on their next purchase or free shipping from a certain amount. Encourage your customers to visit your website again.

Tip: If there are no promotions or special discounts running at that time, remove the ‘discount code’ box from your payment form. Otherwise, you create the chance that the customer will think there is a discount code, causing him to leave your website to look up the code online, and not return.


#4 Ask feedback​

Once the customer has paid, you can ask him an open question, such as:

  • How difficult was it to complete your order?
  • How (un)satisfied were you with the payment process?
  • Did you find everything easy on the website? Why yes/no?

This will enable you to better meet the needs of customers who decide not to buy at the last minute.

Tip: Avoid feedback based on figures. Because lets be honest: three stars out of five says nothing about where the customer experienced difficulties.

Do you have more questions about checkout optimization? Or are you looking for a UX designer who can help you with the user-friendliness of your payment process? Then seek the help of the superheroes at BATMAN who will assist you with even more tips & tricks.